Kilombero Valley, Tanzania 100%


Silver medal winner, Academy of Chocolate 2023 International Awards

Silver Medal winner in the NZ Chocolate Awards 2022
Bronze Medal winner in the International Chocolate Awards, Asia Pacific 2021-22

Silver Medal winner in the 2020 and 2021 Academy of Chocolate International Awards

Gold Medal winner in the NZ Chocolate Awards 2020
This contains 100% pure Kilombero Valley cacao for lovers of seriously dark chocolate.

We’ve lovingly crafted this 100% pure bar to highlight Kilombero Valley cacao’s vivacious apricot and stone fruit character.

Made with just one ingredient - Organic Cacao Beans. No added cacao butter.


Ingredients: Organic Cacao Beans. The Cacao Beans are Certified Organic. No added cacao butter, lecithin or vanilla.

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Vegan and 100% Plant Based.

Origin Information:
The cacao beans grown in the Kilombero Valley are sourced from Kokoa Kamili, which was founded by Brian LoBue and Simran Bindra, who have backgrounds in international development throughout eastern and southern Africa. Prior to Kokoa Kamili, a single buyer dominated the area – the local arm of one of the world’s largest soft commodity trading houses. A sole buyer meant it had the power to set the price for cocoa, and farmers had little alternatives. Historically, farmers in the Kilombero Valley received some of the lowest prices for cocoa in the country. In Kokoa Kamili’s first year alone Kilombero farmers received the highest prices in Tanzania for their cocoa. 

Today, Kokoa Kamili works with nearly 3000 smallholder farmers, most of whom farm between 0.5-2 acres of cocoa. Kokoa Kamili pays a premium - well above the market rate - to farmers for their ‘wet’ cocoa, and conducts its own fermentation and drying. By taking over the fermentation and drying process, Kokoa Kamili can produce more consistently higher quality cocoa beans. This method gives farmers a reduced workload, along with greater compensation, and the farmers are paid immediately after the cooperative receives its wet beans.

Kokoa Kamili also distributes cocoa seedlings to farmers in the community. In the past three years, they have aided in the planting of over 140,000 trees.

Kokoa Kamili is situated in the Udzungwa Mountains National Park, an area known for its abundance of bird and mammal wildlife. It is most famous for the eleven different primate species, bird life, and is one of three remaining sites that support Savannah Elephants in a mountainous environment. Current estimates say that 2,000 elephants reside in and around the Udzungwa area. 

Credit: Meridian Cacao

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